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Faith in Financial Services (FiFS) was founded in 2018 by a group of Christian professionals who believe that the Bible can change the financial services industry.  In 2020, FiFS paired the Public Reading of Scripture (PRS) with the related Bible Commentary from the renowned Theology of Work Project (TOW).  In 2021, FiFS and TOW began producing, one-click videos for leaders in the financial services industry to bring God’s Word to their businesses as a catalyst to change lives and cultures.

What is the Program?

Integrating God’s Word to our Work

Every book of the Bible has many applications to work. Why not link God’s Word on work with quality commentary to develop an accurate, inspiring, thought-povoking, and accessible study curriculum?

Each FiFS fifty-minute agenda focuses on a work-related topic such as leadership, conflict resolution, communication, money (greed), and success. The recorded/read-along section is twenty-five minutes, followed by twenty minutes of discussion and ten minutes of concluding the workplace discussion and prayers.

A taste of PRS.

Current Groups

FiFS Coast to Coast

FiFS Morning Meeting

FiFS Working Lunch

Event highlight:: Christian Workplace Leaders Panel MARCH 25 1PM ET RSVP here

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